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The services and solutions to help you go global faster and better

Translation Services

Langshare Translation Services provide professional translation, contributing essential linguistic, cultural and subject matter expertise to the transformation of your content. We deliver over 100 million translated words each year with the highest quality and attention to detail.

Document Localization

Langshare Document Localization Solutions enables you to support languages, layouts, fonts and conventions best suited to each of your markets, while building efficiencies into your documentation process that save your time and money.

Website Localization

Langshare Website Localization Solutions combine technology with localization engineering expertise and translation services. We tailor our approach to meet the needs of your business, so that you get the support you need to reach worldwide customers effectively.

APP Localization

From development through support, Langshare app translation solutions ensure your app works in multiple cultural contexts.

Software Localization

From translation to localization to global technical requirements, adapt your software for multiple global markets.

Terminology / TM

Langshare solution include Terminology management and TM management. and Style guides creation.

Transcreation Services

Langshare Transcreation Solution use in-country, specialized translators who are highly skilled at transforming your messages so they resonate with the local audience and culture.

Interpretation Services

Langshare Interpretation Services provide simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation and whisper interpretation, creating in-the-moment understanding between individuals who speak different languages.

Localization Testing

Langshare can help you improve quality, avoid delays, speed time-to-market, and reduce costs with our suite of testing services for apps and websites, including regression testing, software testing, and performance testing.

 We are Langshare

We are Langshare

Langshare is a profession language service provider specializing in information solutions. We help companies to communicate seamlessly with their customers worldwide. We help businesses to enhance all-around user experience -- improving corporate image, promoting sales, and enhancing service and support.
Headquartered in ShenZhen, Langshare has an expert team of translators, editors, and localization engineers. We have experienced translators from different countries, and all of them are certified with translation associations in the United States, Europe or other countries.
Langshare has business branches in Shenzhen (China), Japan, and Germany. Our objective is to give our customers a complete response to their demands for multilingual solutions by using the highest level of linguistics and technology.
We are proficient in performing complete language translation services that fulfill our customers’ needs and meet their requirements. We offer our language services in translation, interpreting, localization, testing, interpreting, post-editing and desktop publishing (DTP).

What our customers say

Over 95% of our clients recommend our language services to others

Over 95% of our clients recommend our language services to others